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Tractors & Tillers: Farm Equipment

Samsula's first farmers broke land and grew crops with horse-drawn plows and hoes. Later farmers enjoyed the benefits of the mechanical and chemical revolutions in agriculture in the twentieth century. This exhibit shows farm implements old and new, and the stories associated with them.

Agriculture: Crops & Cash

This exhibit presents a chronological history of farming in Samsula, from the early years of the twentieth century through the current era. The images and stories represent the different crops produced in Samsula, and the people who participated in the agricultural economy of this community.

Roads & Rails

Commercial agriculture requires means of transportation. Samsula's location meant that roads and railroads were crucial for farming success. This exhibit features maps of early Florida and Volusia County, and looks at the various modes of moving produce throughout the twentieth century, from horse-drawn wagon to refrigerated truck.

Wells & Water

Water is essential to agriculture, yet too much can destroy a crop. This exhibit chronicles the drainage and irrigation processes designed and employed to allow farming in Samsula.

Swamps & Soils

The natural climate of Florida was hailed by early promoters as ideal for agriculture, yet early settlers met a wilderness. This exhibit looks at the relationships between the environment and agriculturalists, and how this relationship has changed over time.

People & Places

Today, Samsula is a community with a strong sense of identity. This exhibit looks at some of the people who took part in shaping that identity and the places where they gathered to celebrate, collaborate, learn, and work.