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I offer my thanks for all those who contributed to the creation of this website. The Samsula Historical Archive would not have been possible without the ideas and assistance of the following individuals and organizations:

Amy Larner Giroux For web design; element construction; tutoring on everything from Omeka to Putty and VI; hosting some elements of the site for operability; creative input and great ideas; and above all, patience with the newbie website operator.
The Samsula Agriculture
For caring enough about the history of Samsula to share their stories and histories, without which this site would be meaningless.
Blake Scott For ideas, support, and guidance in the dissertation process.
Chris Galbreath For sharing his research into family genealogies, including Samsula pioneers.
Amy E. Giroux For transcribing my oral histories.
Peggy McBride,
University of Florida
George A. Smathers
Libraries Dept. of
Special & Area Studies
For her generous assistance in helping me locate archival materials pertaining to the Florida Extension Service.
The New Smyrna Historical Society For access to their archival library and collection of early New Smyrna newspapers.
The Daytona News-Journal For permission to display archival Samsula articles.
The UCF Texts & Technology Department For hosting this site on the T&T server.
The Omeka© community at George Mason University For providing the database framework for this site.