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The community of Samsula, Florida, is located in east Central Florida, about fifteen miles from the coast. This area of Volusia County is still largely rural, situated between Interstates 95 to the east and S.R./C.R. 415 to the west. The settlement was never incorporated, but at one time hosted a post office and a packing house, both located on a then-existing spur of the local F.E.C. railroad. The community has had a public elementary school since 1912, originally located in a one-room wooden structure that housed six grades, and later replaced by the masonry building visible today.

In the early 1900's, Slovenian immigrants began to move to Samsula, attracted by word of good farmland. They joined the settlers already in the area, bringing an ethnic heritage that has remained active through several generations partly because of the influence of the S.N.P.J. Lodge. Throughout the twentieth century Samsula was known by neighboring cities as a agricultural area, and over time the community has supported a variety of truck farms for produce, poultry egg farms, dairies, and ornamental nurseries.

This site was created to preserve and display the stories, images, and historical artifacts of Samsula's history. It is intended as a community scrapbook, a place to share and collaborate on our memories of country life. If you would like to share a story or picture, please visit the "Add Your Story" tab.
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