For most of the twentieth century Samsula, which is located in a still largely rural area of Volusia County, Florida, was well known as an agricultural community. This website explores the history of Samsula and its farming families through oral histories, images, newspaper accounts, and other historical records.

Site navigation can be entered through the tabs under the banner image, which allow you to browse items and exhibits, view geographic locations on the map, take a virtual map tour through the twentieth century in Samsula, find out more about the creation of the site, or add your own story. Exhibits can also be entered directly through the links at left. These exhibits are constructed to help show the diverse elements and connections that helped shape agriculture, and life, in the Samsula community. At the bottom of this page you will find new item additions and the featured exhibit.

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Recently Added Items

  • S.N.P.J. Lodge 603

    2014 photo of SNPJ Lodge hall in Samsula, Florida

  • Samsula map, 1948

    Section of 1948 Volusia County map showing showing Samsula and existing roads prior to S.R. 44 construction.