LIFE, March 28, 1938


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The March 28, 1938, issue of LIFE shared information and photos of Jews who were victims of the Holocaust. Jews were exiled, beaten, humiliated, killed, and sent to jail just because of their heritage. Propaganda urged people to believe "Jews ruined the Germans" (23) and depicted Jews as inferior.

LIFE also described former President Herbert Hoover's visit to Europe. Hoover calmly commented regarding his visit, "I do not believe widespread war is at all probable in the near future" (19). America would eventually become involved in the war, but it is interesting that Hoover reported that war was unlikely after his visit to Europe. The Neutrality Acts likely influenced his comment.

LIFE offers glimpses and a perspective of Hitler's regime as wrong. However, the American public remain distant viewers. The U.S. would not become involved in the war until 1941 following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
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