Work I completed during my Master's program and first semester Doctoral program

Theoretical Work

Playing with Gender Online

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Culture Jamming: An Act of Resistance in Remix Culture

Maps: Critiquing the Ideal

Cyborg Sexualities: Haraway, Baudrillard and the Hyperreal Gender Break Down

CJB CyborgSexualities-Haraway Baudrillard And Gender,

McLuhan and the Extension of Ethos: A Pedagogical Approach To Web 2.0 and Composition


Practical Applications of Human Factors, Usability Testing, and Technical Communication

QR Codes and Augmented Realities

BlueTooth Interface for Wireless Communication in the Classroom

Simple Instruction Manual For a Lego Structure


Usability Test Results For

Test Results ReportCBEDITDWedit1

Test Plan for Testing

Obvious Test Plan

Final Reccomendations For Distributing Wireless Pricing Information in The Democratic of Congo Using Simple Cell Phones

Clay Ton Recommendations Revision

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