Love Sonnet Generator

Welcome to the Love Sonnet Generator! Ever wanted to write a love sonnet but didn't know how to get started? Now is your chance!

Here you will be asked a series of questions and your responses will be paired up with a set of lines from a Shakespearean sonnet. You'll also be asked to type in your name and the name of a loved one. After you've answered all of the questions and filled in text boxes, you'll have a completed Shakespearean love sonnet customized to you and your loved one!

Go ahead and fill in the information below. If you want to start over for any reason, just click the link at the top of the page!

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Name of person the sonnet is for:

Question 1: Do you understand the love you have of this person as being a familial relationship or romantic relationship?

Question 2: How important are physical appearances to this relationship?

Question 3: How does aging affect love and beauty?

Question 4: Does love make you foolish?