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My dissertation direction is toward using what we know of information acquisition and production to increase public information literacy. As is true of most human motivation, this focus is the result of the merging of practical demands with personal interests.

ENG 6800 Class Projects

O'Gorman class presentation. September 26, 2011.

Digital Project 1: Remainders in Imagetexts.

Digital Project 2: Remainders in Imagetexts, version 2.

Final Project: Image Trails for Research Writing.

Past Projects

"Participatory Information Production in an Era of Information Overload." 8th Annual Georgia Conference on Information Literacy. Savannah, September 22, 2011.

"Integrating Writing and Research: A Collaborative Project to Promote Information Fluency on a Regional Campus." Quality Enhancement Program, UCF. 2007-2010.

"Garbania: A MEmorial." ENG 6939, UCF. 2010.

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